The information on this page is provided as a resource for students who plan to study abroad in France.  The organizations, publications, and other resources listed below provide information about all aspects of GLBTQ issues in France, including social activities, politics and activitism, health, relationships, religion, counseling and support, and relationships.  A listing of national resources is followed by a listing of regional or local resources.

FR – information is in French
EN – information is in English

National Resources

SOS Homophobie
Organization focused on fighting homophobic discrimination and violence.  Anonymous phone line for assistance and support.  (FR)

Trans Aide
National transgender association.  Website includes information on various trans issues and information about different activities and services available to transgender individuals and there loved ones.

Sida Info Services
Information on HIV/AIDS and other STD’s.  Provides information to people coming to France or already there, for short or long-term.  Sponsors a 24/hour phone hotline and live chat options.  Also answers email questions in English. (FR/EN)

Website of Têtu magazine.  News, social, and health information.  Searchable database of GLBTQ organizations throughout France.  Links to many GLBTQ resources.  (FR)

La Dixième MUSE
Website for La Dixième MUSE, a French-language lesbian magazine. (FR)

Beit Haverim: Groupe Juif Gay et Lesbien de France
Group for gay and lesbian Jews.  Based in Paris with some groups in other major French cities.  The group’s website has a good list of events and meetings.  (FR)

David et Jonathan
Group for gay and lesbian Christians.  National organization with more than thirty local groups throughout France.  (FR)

Fédération Sportive Gaie et Lesbienne
Information on sports gay and lesbian sports clubs throughout France. (FR)

Regional and Local Resources

Aix en Provence

GLBTQ student association with contact information and office hours posted on website.  Links to other resources and organizations in Aix en Provence, Marseille and elsewhere in Provence. (FR)


Wake Up: Association des étudiantes et jeunes lesbiennes, gays, bis, et transsexuel-les de Bordeaux
GLBTQ organization for students and youth in Bordeaux.  (FR)


GLuB : Association Gay et Lesbienne de l’Université de Bourgogne
GLBT organization for students at the University of Bourgogne


A Jeu Egal
LGBTQ organization in Grenoble.  Website has information on resources and other organizations in Grenoble.  Provides some information about GLBTQ activities in Grenoble.  (FR)


CLGNA: Centre Lesbien et Gay de Nantes Atlantique
LGBTQ organization for the Nantes Atlantique area.  Sponsors social and cultural events, support for LGBTQ individuals.  Website has up to date calendar of activities as well as links to a variety of LGBTQ resources in Nantes and throughout France.  (FR)


Le Centre LGBT Paris Île-de-France
Information on social, cultural, legal, and health for the GLBTQ community.  (FR)

GLUP: Groupe LGBT des Universités de Paris
GLBTQ group for students from all 13 universities of the University of Paris.  Sponsors various social, political, cultural, and health activities. (FR)

MAG: jeunes gais et lesbiennes (Movement for the Affirmation of Young  Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender)
Organization of young GLBTQ individuals.  Offers support to individuals struggling with coming out.  Sponsors social, cultural, and political activities.  Welcomes international students studying in Paris.  Publishes the magazette quarterly.  (FR/EN)

Supports those who identify as bisexual and fights biphobia.  Monthly social event.  (FR)

Etudions gayment
Support, activism, and social group at the University of Paris 10 – Nanterre. (FR)