Special Interest Groups: Questions for Panelists

International Programs, San Francisco State University

Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual Issues Overseas

  • After having studied/lived abroad, how has your concept of yourself as an American changed? As a Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual-American? 
  • Were people’s reaction to you as a Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual different overseas than in the United States? Were they positive, negative or neutral? 
  • Being a Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual overseas has been described by some as a second “Coming-Out”. Please comment on your own experiences and feelings regarding this. 
  • With respect to matters of sexual preference, how did people’s attitudes in the country of your overseas experience differ from those in the United States? 
  • How did you feel that people’s conception of your nationality in general affect their reaction to you, especially with respect to your sexual preference? 
  • How did stereotypes about sexual preference differ in your country of experience from those in the United States? 
  • What were the similarities/differences between Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual communities in the country of your overseas experience with respect to those in the United States? 
  • What were people’s attitudes toward same-sex dating in the country of your experience? How did those attitudes personally affect you? 
  • With respect to political activism, especially regarding AIDS/HIV awareness and tolerance of different sexual preferences, how did the country of your experience compare with the United States? With California?