Working Guidelines of the NAFSA Rainbow Special Interest Group

The name of this NAFSA Special Interest Group (SIG) shall be the Rainbow SIG.

The mission of the Rainbow SIG is to bring together NAFSAns who share the following goals:

  • To counsel international students and study abroad students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered
  • To support gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered professionals in international education
  • To combat homophobia, heterosexism and transphobia within NAFSA

No assumptions of an individual’s sexual orientation should be made from their participation in the Rainbow SIG. Any member of NAFSA who espouses the mission of the Rainbow SIG may become a member by completing a membership form, renewable on an annual basis.

Dues & Fees
No dues or fees are required for membership; however, we do sell Rainbow SIG items at the national conference to fundraise for our Rainbow Scholarship Fund. Please consider making a donation through our website.

The elected officers of the organization shall include: two Co-Chairs, a Listserv Managers; Membership Coordinator, Newsletter Co-Editors, Scholarship Co-Coordinators, Treasurer, and Website Co-Managers.

Officers shall serve for two-year terms, being elected at the annual meeting of the Rainbow SIG held at the NAFSA annual conference. Co-positions will alternate electing ONE of the positions each year on a rotating basis. An individual may hold up to two positions simultaneously.

Qualification for office shall be membership in the Rainbow SIG.

Duties of Officers
Co-Chairs shall serve overlapping terms, one new co-chair elected at each annual meeting, and shall

  • chair the annual business meetings
  • communicate with and solicit input from SIG members
  • serve as the primary spokespersons for the SIG
  • be responsible for all media and external relations for the Rainbow SIG in a manner consistent with the views of the SIG as a whole
  • initiate and coordinate recruitment of volunteers to help with the work of the Rainbow SIG
  • prepare a written annual report of activities
  • authorize expenditures of funds

Regional Representatives shall

  • Encourage Rainbow SIG involvement and participation at the NAFSA regional level
  • Help organize or facilitate organization of a Rainbow SIG gathering in the designated NAFSA region
  • Report to co-chairs occasionally with needs heard about within designated region/community

Listserv Manager shall

  • manage the SIG Listserv

Membership Coordinator shall

  • maintain a database of membership records
  • coordinate the recording of the minutes of annual meetings
  • coordinate and manage all elections
  • oversee the collection, organization and maintenance of SIG records

Newsletter Co-Editors shall

  • solicit articles for the newsletter
  • produce and publish two e-newsletters per year to the membership (Fall & Spring)

Scholarship Co-Coordinators shall

  • act as primary advocate for the Rainbow SIG Scholarship Fund
  • act as liaison with Fund for Education Abroad (FEA)
  • sit on application review committee to select scholarship winner

Treasurer shall

  • act as account manager for all SIG funds
  • prepare an annual financial report
  • provide the Co-Chairs with relevant information needed for responsible financial management

Website Co-Content Managers shall

  • manage the SIGs website in cooperation with GoAbroad, where the site is currently hosted.

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board shall consist of the officers plus as many additional SIG members who volunteer to serve and are elected by a show of hands at the annual meeting of the SIG, and shall

  • cooperatively set an agenda for the SIG based upon suggestions from SIG members
  • facilitate timely two-way communication between the Board and SIG members on matters perceived as important to constituents
  • serve as an advocacy group on matters related to development, education, and other issues of concern to SIG members

Nominations & Elections
A call for nominations will be distributed via the website and the listserv in advance of the annual meeting at which time elections are conducted. Elections shall be conducted by a show of hands.